50 Goodies To Include In Your Letters

The wonderful thing about letters is that you can put so many things in an envelope for just fifty-five cents. But then again, you can’t send everything. A few helpful tips for those of you in the US when mailing letters:

  • A letter over 1/4″ thick requires additional postage.
  • A letter over 1 oz. requires additional postage. (You can get extra ounce stamps for just fifteen cents each.)
  • A letter that is rigid and non-bendable requires additional postage.

So keep that in mind when including goodies, otherwise your pen pal might have to pay to get the letter. (I have been guilty of this, unfortunately. Sorry pen pals!)

Anyway, onto the goodies! I’ve collected a huge list of fun things to put in an envelope, and hopefully you’ll find some new ideas in here!

  1. maps
  2. recipes
  3. cross stitch
  4. twine or ribbon
  5. business cards
  6. wall decals
  7. vintage stamps
  8. newspaper or magazine article
  9. prints of your photography
  10. tea bags
  11. ATCs
  12. enamel or button pins
  13. little pieces of your art
  14. pressed or dried flowers and leaves (note: at least in the US, you can’t send these internationally.)
  15. book or movie suggestion list
  16. temporary tattoos
  17. paint samples
  18. flattened origami
  19. face masks (they’ll most likely require additional postage, just a heads up)
  20. sheet music for whatever instrument they play
  21. interesting coins
  22. word searches / activity sheets
  23. stickers (maybe make a little sticker pack for them to go in!)
  24. scrapbook paper
  25. sticky note pad
  27. CDs
  28. nail files
  29. drink mixes (i.e. hot cocoa in winter and kool aid in summer)
  30. pressed souvenir pennies
  31. small or empty gift cards
  32. iron on patches
  33. seed packets (note: at least in the US, you can’t send these internationally.)
  34. bucket list
  35. Polaroids
  36. confetti/glitter (for the sake of your pen pal not being glitter bombed, you may want to put this in a bag. ;))
  37. mini bunting/banner
  38. ticket stubs
  39. friendship bracelets (and if you don’t want to make them yourself, check out this page for info on buying them from me to support The Smile Project!)
  40. instant grits (what? I’ve been sent some before, hehe)
  41. gum
  42. flat candies (like air heads, candy dots)
  43. handlettered quotes and Bible verses
  44. clipart cut-outs and die cuts
  45. a color swatch of some new art supplies
  46. playlists
  47. brochures
  48. paperclips
  49. washi tape samples
  50. band-aids

I made it to fifty! Although really, does anyone appreciate getting band-aids? It’s a bit of an odd thing… although odd things are interesting to get in letters. But now you should be well supplied with many ideas of what to include with letters.

Don’t feel like taking the time to find or make all of your goodies? Check out the Goodies Snail Mail Kit in the shop!

Published by Megan Beery

Hey! I'm Megan: homeschooled Christian farm girl, avid barefooter, snail mail enthusiast, and wearer of yellow.

2 thoughts on “50 Goodies To Include In Your Letters

  1. Awesome post! Love these ideas. 😀 I just found this blog, and I’m loving it, because pen-paling is SO AWESOME! Also, your kits are lovely, and I’m hoping to maybe buy one someday, when I have money. 🙂 😀


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