Wear Your Love For Snail Mail

Peach & Poppy Co. is all about snail mail + stationery. You might have already noticed that. 😉 Writing letters has become a bit of a lost art, and I’m hoping that will change in the future!

One good way to bring back snail mail is to simply talk about it. And a good way to start a conversation on snail mail is with a t shirt. What t-shirts are we talking about? Allow me to show you.

I’m super excited to be selling these “write more letters” t shirts. With a simple + pretty design, these t shirts are perfect for an avid snail mailer. Buy one for yourself, send one to a happy-mail-loving friend, or both!

These shirts come in ten different colors, and I’m hoping to add more styles eventually. Oh, and feel free to learn from my mistake and get a size down – these t shirts definitely run big. 🙂

You can also find tote bags through that link, as well as vinyl stickers in the shop.

Published by Megan Beery

Hey! I'm Megan: homeschooled Christian farm girl, avid barefooter, snail mail enthusiast, and wearer of yellow.

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