Peach & Poppy Co’s First Subscription Service!

We’re now offering a personalized subscription service with mini stationery sets that can be personalized! Instead of the usual one-theme-fits-all subscription, this stationery subscription isn’t the same for each person every month, instead I will create stationery based on what you love.

Once every month you will receive an envelope full of supplies you can use in your snail mailing. These supplies include:

-5 sheets of stationery (5×7″)
-4 sheets of patterned paper (4×6″)
-2 washi tape samples (for a total of approximately 14 feet of washi tape)
-1 sticker sheet with 10-20 stickers (the sticker sheet size will be around 4.5×6″)
-a fun extra (examples: vintage stamps, confetti, postcards, blank playlists/bucket lists/question cards, etc.)

How do you know you’ll be getting stationery that you love? When you purchase this subscripiton on Etsy there will be a personalization box. Just list as many things as you want in that box. The more you do, the more likely I will be able to match several themes to what you love! Include anything from favorite colors, your “aesthetic”, favorite animals, to your favorite type of fruit! 🙂 Please note that I will not always be able to match a theme to your favorite things, but if you give me general ideas and/or lots of specific things I should be able to create something that you enjoy.

If you would rather be completely surprised every month and have no personalization, choose the “surprise me!” option and type N/A into the personalization box.

The envelopes will be sent out at the beginning of the month, but I will need several days to to put them together, so if you want your subscription to start as soon as possible, be sure to place your order by the 23rd of each month.

If you have any other questions, just drop me a message and I’ll be glad to help you out!

Published by Megan Beery

Hey! I'm Megan: homeschooled Christian farm girl, avid barefooter, snail mail enthusiast, and wearer of yellow.

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