24 People To Write Letters To Right Now

“Write more letters!”

“But to who?”

There are plenty of people out there who would love to find a handwritten letter in their mailbox. Today I’ll be sharing a list of 24 people you can write letters to, be it someone you’ve known all your life or someone you’ve never met.

  1. An elementary school teacher. (My kindergarten teacher was my first pen pal and I still write her letters sometimes. :))
  2. Someone in the military. (See this site for info on how to get started!)
  3. Your grandparents.
  4. Someone across the ocean.
  5. Your next door neighbor.
  6. Someone in a nursing home.
  7. A teacher who’s made an impact on your life. (You’ll already have a lot to say in your letter if you write to this person!)
  8. A friend you haven’t seen in over a year.
  9. Your cousin who lives across the country.
  10. Pick a person who likes the color blue and write them an “out of the blue” letter!
  11. A friend who moved away.
  12. A missionary.
  13. Your future self.
  14. Someone you know with colored hair.
  15. Prisoners.
  16. Find a pen pal through pen pal sites or by browsing the hashtag #penpalswanted on instagram.
  17. Essential workers.
  18. A celebrity. (A suggestion: write Orlando Bloom and ask what his favorite cereal is! My friend and I did this. No response yet, but maybe eventually. ;))
  19. Your parents.
  20. A person from every country in the world.
  21. A mentor.
  22. A police officer, first responder, firefighter, etc.
  23. Small businesses that you love! (Local, or online!)
  24. The tallest and/or shortest person you know.

And there you have it! Go write some letters! Send some snail mail! Make someone’s day!

Thanks to my Instagram followers for giving me most of these ideas. Check out my stationery shop here if you’re looking for some fun stationery to kickstart your inspiration.

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Bonus ideas: someone who like pink, yellow, or blue (mentioned above). Someone who loves houseplants or ice cream. A younger friend who wants to be an astronaut. Someone who’s traveling right now. A friend who could use some encouraging Bible verses. Someone who loves Christmas no matter what month it is. The person who always stops to smell the wildflowers. An avid bookworm. A crazy cat lady. The other crazy cat lady. Someone who’s already shopping for cozy sweaters and dreaming of pumpkin spice.

Published by Megan Beery

Hey! I'm Megan: homeschooled Christian farm girl, avid barefooter, snail mail enthusiast, and wearer of yellow.

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