6 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day With Happy Mail


Valentine’s day is just around the corner and while my yellow-loving-pink-hating self has a slight problem with the color scheme of this particular holiday, it can be a great excuse to send some happy mail to your friends!

I’ve gathered a few ideas for creative ways to make and send some Valentines mail. Also, everything in the photos is available in the shop, except for the candy hearts.

(And on a side note, these particular candy hearts are two years old. I found them in the depths of our freezer and they bringing the typical chalkyness of most candy hearts to a whole new level.)


1. Send a friend an envelope full of encouraging quotes and verses.

Browse through Pinterest, your favorite books, or the depths of Google to find some encouraging quotes and verses. Then get out your pens and paint and go to work! An envelope stuffed full of artwork and thoughtfully chosen words will be an amazing thing to find in their mailbox. To make them Valentine’s-y, use a pink, purple, or red color scheme.

If you aren’t artsy, find printables online or put your graphic design skills to use and print out your quotes and verses.

2. Make some pen-palship bracelets and mail them to a pen pal.

Friendship bracelets are so fun to make and my favorite part is the endless color possibilities! Here are some pink embroidery floss color palettes with specific color numbers if you need some inspiration. Make a matching set and send them in an envelope with a note wishing them a happy Valentine’s day!


3. Leave a treat + a tiny note on a friend’s doorstep.

Valentine’s day is a great excuse to bake some delicious treats for your friends. You could get some cute Valentine’s day treat bags or containers from the dollar store and fill them up with anything from fudge to cupcakes to banana bread. Write a tiny note and put it in a tiny envelope, seal it with a heart sticker, and drop it all off at their door!


4. Send them a Valentine’s Day party in an envelope!

There are some things you just can’t send in an envelope, but I wouldn’t say a party is one of those things. For a Valentine’s Day party that can fit in an envelope, make a small banner with decorative paper, copy down a few yummy heart-shaped or pink recipes, create a custom playlist – whether it be love songs if that’s your/their thing or simply songs that feel pink! (or talk about chocolate…??), maybe add in a pink lemonade or cherry kool-aid packet, and don’t forget some confetti!

5. Write some happy lil notes to leave around your town.

Brighten up a stranger’s day by putting some colorful happy notes around various public places on or around Valentine’s Day. Write an encouraging note and include some fun stickers or a hand-lettered verse, or maybe add in a few quarters and tape it to a vending machine!


6. Make a color-themed card flipbook for a friend or pen pal.

 I just made a very pink card flipbook for a pen pal who loves pink, and it was so much fun! Get out your glue and decorative paper, washi tape, markers, stickers and vintage stamps, and give a normal greeting card a makeover! If you want to see the one I made, check it out here.

There are 6 ideas to get you started! And if you want to save these ideas for later, feel free to pin this graphic:

Happy happy mail-ing, and I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!



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Published by Megan Beery

Hey! I'm Megan: homeschooled Christian farm girl, avid barefooter, snail mail enthusiast, and wearer of yellow.

5 thoughts on “6 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day With Happy Mail

  1. What a lovely post my friend! 🙂 You always have the best ideas. And *jaw drops* :O you take the best Etsy listing and blog post photos. I need to start sending all my products over to you to take the photos. 😉 JK! Thanks again for sharing all of these wonderful ideas. HUGS!

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    1. Thank you so much! Haha yay, I’m so glad you think that! I recently actually switched to a phone with a decent camera instead of dslr (with an admittedly bad lens) and I can take better pictures now! Also I’ve been putting more effort into props and such. 🙂
      Anyway THANKS! 😀

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  2. Eep, I absolutely loved this post and all the pink! *squeals* Such pretty pictures and all of your products are amazing! 😀 ❤


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