6 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day With Happy Mail

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and while my yellow-loving-pink-hating self has a slight problem with the color scheme of this particular holiday, it can be a great excuse to send some happy mail to your friends! I’ve gathered a few ideas for creative ways to make and send some Valentines mail. Also, everythingContinue reading “6 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day With Happy Mail”

Peach & Poppy Co. Collab Opportunity

Calling all artists! If you want the chance to see your art on a Peach & Poppy Co. snail mail kit, join in on this collab opportunity. To celebrate being in business for two years, I want to give you all the opportunity to help me create a snail mail kit from your own ideas!Continue reading “Peach & Poppy Co. Collab Opportunity”

24 People To Write Letters To Right Now

“Write more letters!” “But to who?” There are plenty of people out there who would love to find a handwritten letter in their mailbox. Today I’ll be sharing a list of 24 people you can write letters to, be it someone you’ve known all your life or someone you’ve never met. An elementary school teacher.Continue reading “24 People To Write Letters To Right Now”

50 Goodies To Include In Your Letters

The wonderful thing about letters is that you can put so many things in an envelope for just fifty-five cents. But then again, you can’t send everything. A few helpful tips for those of you in the US when mailing letters: A letter over 1/4″ thick requires additional postage. A letter over 1 oz. requiresContinue reading “50 Goodies To Include In Your Letters”

Peach & Poppy Co’s First Subscription Service!

We’re now offering a personalized subscription service with mini stationery sets that can be personalized! Instead of the usual one-theme-fits-all subscription, this stationery subscription isn’t the same for each person every month, instead I will create stationery based on what you love. Once every month you will receive an envelope full of supplies you canContinue reading “Peach & Poppy Co’s First Subscription Service!”